Having released the first installment of his Showa series Showa 88 in 2011, Kazuyoshi Usui’s second publication Showa 92 once again takes viewers along the photographer's own heightened world of the past and imagined future, bridging the gap between the two to form a photobook that reconstitutes the very meaning and binaries of the real and fake. Published by Zen Foto Gallery and designed by Satoshi Machiguchi, founder of Match & Company, Showa 92 brings together a body of work which introduces a world of impossibilities, where the present and future have been reworked to create a world that brims with both cinematic and poetic sensibilities. Within, Usui presents a visual narrative half dipped within the turbulences and realities of which symbolized the Showa period of Japan’s past, simultaneously bringing viewers forth into an imagined reality of Japan where good-bad taste reigns true, a world that is both stylish and original, envisioned and reflected through the photographic lens of Kazuyoshi Usui.

Limit Time Offer: Identity: Navigating the Soul's Landscape through the Lens