The Third Room

Naohiro Harada

Zen Foto Gallery

Conceptual street photographer Naohiro Harada portrayed the flickering of humanity in between light and shadow in his previous publication “Drifting” with Zen Foto. This time with “The Third Room”, Harada focused on the subconsciousness of humanity and presented its ambiguity and transience with his saturated color streetsnaps and photograms. They are Harada’s attempt to depict the metaphysical relationships among movement, consciousness and unconsciousness that are quintessential to our daily lives.


This body of work traces movements and thoughts that switch in between 3 different “rooms” inside one’s imagination.

The three rooms are strange and empty, composed of the following three perceptions.

the first room: the eye
perception of colour through light

the second room: illusion and impression
perception of consciousness - after colliding with time

the third room: the unknowable
perception of nothingness - imagining things cannot be seen that might become visible one day

In this imaginary room that seems to be made of glass,
things are blue if you think they are blue and red if you think they are red.

This work is like a story depicted by light and senses, gathered from the reality world.

— Naohiro Harada

― Statement from publisher

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