“To Nietzsche” is a collaborative work between photographer Adou and artists Liu Ke and Huang Huang. Based in Chengdu, China, the three felt the presence of Nietzsche’s poetry and philosophy as a light in the suffocating darkness of a capitalist society with increasingly distorted worldviews.

With Adou behind the camera, Liu Ke and Huang Huang entered into huge empty clothes and braced the elements within a mountainous scenery. Through use of black-and-white photography, wind and gestures, the three have created haunting images of distorted human-like figures, abstract living sculptures and pareidolic shapes that visually express the artists’ sensibilities and – to borrow a German word - weltanschauung.

“Words don’t have life, but poetry does. Images can capture fragments of life itself, even more they can create our lives.
That’s the meaning of this work.” (from Adou’s afterword)

The book includes statements by all three artists in Chinese as well as English and Japanese translation

Limit Time Offer: 2024 Booobles Festival

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