Takehiko Nakafuji’s new photobook “White Noise” concentrates on Japan’s capital Tokyo. Nakafuji began shooting the photographs after seeing the nuclear plant in Fukushima explode on March 11, 2011.

“The monster of Tokyo did not stop its onward march. Life goes on and the conflict between the lively old streets and inhuman redevelopments continues, and Tokyo continues as a demon city of swirling energy, spinning out of control”, writes Nakafuji.

Nakafuji’s exciting photographs of Tokyo mix genres and styles; black-and-white streetphotography is as much part of the series as almost psychedelically colorful architectural shots. Special attention should be paid to the book’s brilliant multi-layered design, where behind the photographs on each page lurks another hidden scene, ready to be uncovered. This is the closest any photobook has ever come to mirror the experience of Tokyo itself, with its endlessly labyrinthian structures and visual opulence.

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