Born and raised in Nebraska, USA, John Sypal has been living in Japan since 2004. After his first publication "Tokyo Camera Style" (Thames & Hudson, London) Zen Foto Gallery is releasing his second and highly anticipated publication "Zuisha".

The first time the earliest of these pictures were exhibited was under the title An Endless Attraction. I felt it a proper summary of my feelings for her, and for photography itself. It’s about photographing life and living through photographing - all without having to think of any of these things as separate issues.

In his succinct yet sublime book "A Tractate on Japanese Aesthetics,” Donald Richie explains a literary genre called zuihitsu. It’s a type of informal essay created through an approach where it is not "the assumptions of the writer's controlling mind that are followed but, as the Japanese phrase it, the brush itself."

I think the camera makes a pretty good brush.

― Statement from publisher

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