Blasting into the scene with his Kimurai Ihei photo award wining okinawan portraits 2010-2012, Akaaka has released a throwback to Ryuichi Ishikawa's not-too-far off past with Adrenamix, an intense photographic record that the photographer made of his blazing twenties. The book echoes the best parts of a zine- its handheld sized is barely able to contain its content; the trappings of a wild Okinawan youth- an intense period of hot tropical nights surrounded by friends as screaming motorcycles blast past, blurs of indifference to society- and parties and women, with fire and noise- a book of an endless night full of outbursts sloshed by a crazed drunkenness- a night punctuated with graphic sexual encounters of all kinds. Adrenamix vividly protests against anything less than a hunger to roar out the "cry of life" Ishikawa lusts for in the poem with which he brings the book to a close.

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