Takuma Nakahira 一〇〇〇

Takuma Nakahira


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Book Size
105 x 148 x 65 mm
1024 pages
Publication Date
2017, second edition

Takuma Nakahira 1000 was selected from black & white photographs of cars and vehicles, shot in a frantic, almost accidental manner, discovered during preparations for the exhibition“Takuma Nakahira: Degree Zero - Yokohama”at the Yokohama Museum of Art in 2003. Photographer and art critic Nakahira has always used word and photography to capture the world as it was. In his difficult daily existence, what was it that drew Nakahira to shoot these vehicles over and over? As we look through the countless vehicles captured in as many different approaches in the process of this book, we also glimpse at the true heart of a man who relied on his subconscious and his pure heart to face the world in front of his eyes.

Limit Time Offer: Identity: Navigating the Soul's Landscape through the Lens

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