As the evolution of digital technologies accelerates today, and the precision of cameras and printing technologies improve, photographers deliberately introduce noise into their images in an attempt to expand their visual expression. They look back to the early days of photography for their methods not simply for aesthetics, novelty, or nostalgia. When forgotten analogue methods connect intimately to concept, a new photographic horizon opens. Let us enjoy the new photographic era, in which the latest technologies and classical methods coexist.

The Guide for Alternative Photographic Processes

There are numerous variations available at every stage of the photographic process, from cameras and lenses, to shooting and processing techniques, and media. The history of photography is also the history of technological innovation. Here, we focus on ten methods to provide an introduction to traditional photographic techniques. Traveling back to the early days of photography, we explain the inventions and methods of photographic greats.

The Melting Point of Contemporary Photography and Classical Techniques Yuji Hamada and Wataru Yamamoto

Photobooks:Evolving by Rebirth

Rebirthing classics also means carrying on, excavating, and reconsidering history. Photobooks are endlessly reborn and revived through rebirth. What are the criteria for photobooks being deemed classics and being reborn? Here, we explore the context and significance of photobook rebirth.

Yurie Nagashima “And a Pinch of Irony with a Hint of Love”

Nagashima is a strong woman and maverick who loves those that belong to no one. Here, nine people who understand Nagashima’s idiosyncratic appeal consider her work from their respectively unique perspectives. Their testimonies bring her works into vivid relief.

My Theory of Yurie Nagashima
Miyako Ishiuchi, Lieko Shiga, Chikako Hayashi, Akito Inui, Toshihide Kawamura, Yuri Nomura, Mitsuyo Kakuta, Futoshi Miyagi

Artistic Views on Sports

The unique perspectives of artists, who focus on culture, physicality, and psychology instead of the decisive moment, have made sports photography more interesting.

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