With the advent of digitalization and social media, the photography world has seen a great deal of change onward from the 2000’s. Techniques and methodologies continue to diversify while new talent rises into the scene at an unprecedented rate. In the midst of this, we have seen the rise of the photobook together with endeavors to revisit the world of Japanese photography. The rise of Daisuke Yokota’s career almost appears a reaction to this new movement in contemporary photography – a member of Japan’s new generation of photographers, Yokota has risen to prominence in the blink of an eye. Utilizing methods that seek to unify the analog with the digital, Yokota ceaselessly releases his works as vast photobooks; and at exhibitions, the photographs contained within seem to metamorphose from their two-dimensional state into grand installations and leave their mark in history. In observing his work, one notices that Yokota’s style embodies his own pursuit into understanding the fundamentals of photography. And here, the question is, what’s next? His photographs seem to amplify – expand – ad finitum, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

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