Japan Sea

Shunji Dodo


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260 × 260 mm
324 pages
July 2014
ISBN 978-4-86541-019-8

Born in 19 47, Shunji Dodo, fired with curiosity, shouldering an 8x10 large camera, traveled around the land inseparably connected to people wherever his soul urged him to go.

He set up his tripod with his camera right in the middle, directly opposite from his subjects. In each of these places people put down roots and live life quietly and unhurried.

Also included are photographs of adolescent boys and girls and young children he happily encountered who gave the impression that they had always existed there in every age. This collection of photographs of the coast along the Sea of Japan, memories of the dignified figures of people who call it home and the natural features of the land taken in monochrome, form a record of the origin of Japan’s culture.

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