Every photograph is self-sufficient, but gathered in a book the pictures gain their own rhythm and flow… such a poetic tension that you want to contemplate it again and again.

— Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Magnum Photographer

The debut monograph of Yehlin Lee presents us with an enigmatic view of his homeland, Taiwan – a labyrinth made of Taiwanese folk beliefs and absurdity. An unnerving sensibility is present in each photograph heightened by the deep blacks and the vivid colors Lee found on the streets of his city. Recurring religious symbols, bewildered visages, and otherworldly landscapes appear as rhymes within a liminal space where decadence and newborn culture coexist.

Lee regards the act of photography as a process of ‘diving into a collective subconscious as well as his own’. His meditative images in Raw Soul allude us to the suffering of life and its transcendence through intimate street scenes found on his daily walks.