Photography is certainly about light- but at its core it is the element of time which ultimately provides the medium's strongest force that pulls in a viewer. People and phenomena that have passed from this world remain transfixed as images- the family snapshot has and should live on long after those in the picture have gone. Indeed, this is a great part of why they are made in the first place.

Photographer Emi Nakata lost her mother when she was still a child. Having grown up in a domestic landscape steeped in the possessions and mementos that remained from that loss, Nakata has, through these same objects created a powerfully sensitive photobook- one feels the hum of life in the shadow of a death. Sadly, sweetly, but always intelligently and dearly, Yosuga is a rare photographic journey that traces the reverberations of personal loss and memory. Incorporating her mother's clothing, her aging father, their home, and often herself, Yosuga is a moving collection that, while remaining centered on a particular death is, through her graceful wit and sensitivity, able to evince the nature of life through photography.

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