Shinryo Saeki's "Aisatsu" means "greetings" in Japanese, and the book presents itself quite boldly. The cover and binding of the book is all bright red and white, colors which have a specific meaning In Japanese culture: life and death. This motif is reflected throughout the book, not only through images with strong red and white elements, but also the juxtaposition of images dealing with these themes. A baby crawls through a house on one page, while a funeral procession walks by on the next. Perhaps it's because he is a monk that he's able to think so clearly, and at times almost humorously, about these questions. Saeki shows a light, human touch in dealing with these heavy topics. The color photos in "Aisatsu" are a refreshing look at life and death in Japan.

Shinryo Saeki
1979 Born in Hiroshima, Japan
2003 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Photography

2003 "Kyoki no Kyou Kinou" @FUKUGAN GALLERY, Osaka
2005 "Automatic" @FUKUGAN GALLERY, Osaka
2009 "Aisatsu" @AKAAKA, Tokyo / FUKUGAN GALLERY, Osaka 2011 "Konokishi" @AKAAKA, Tokyo

2002 "Futuring Power, Canon New Cosmos of Photography 10th Annual Exhibition" @Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photogaraphy / CASO, Osaka
2007 "Comical & Cynical, Japanese & Korean Contemporary Photography" @Dawn Center, Osaka
2008 "Comical & Cynical, Japanese & Korean Contemporary Photography" @Gallery Jijihyang, Paju, Korea
2009 "Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2009" @Art Court Gallery, Osaka
2010 "Touzai Touzai" @Therme Gallery, Tokyo
2011"Internalized World" Vilnius International Photography Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania
2012 2011"Internalized World" @Kaunas Photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

2001 23rd "Canon New Cosmos of Photography" Excellence Award