Mizutani’s HDR_nature series offers a fresh take on nature photography. Using the latest technology, he creates images which look like painted with brush strokes. Today everyone can take photographs and there are too many photographs of nature, making it extremely difficult to come up with something new with this well-trodden and familiar theme.

Growing up in a place surrounded by nature, nature continues to call out Mizutani; he has been exploring the theme of nature in Tokyo where he is now based. For Tokyo Parrots, he followed large flocks of wild parakeets which had been imported from Sri Lanka in the 1970s as pets and become established and spread in Tokyo. In Yusurika, he transformed nature in the city into something fantastical; using flash, he turned a vast swarm of midges found in rivers and ponds into thousands of small white balls of light. He is also known for his vivid and graphical images that reveal beauty and interesting colors and shapes in everyday life.

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