People and scenery Keiko Mizukai encountered in various parts of Japan while sleeping in her beloved VOLVO240.
She has continued journey alone for 22 years without a destination in mind.

The trees caught in the headlights, and the sunset on the riverbanks. The scenery reflected in the passing from the window is always new and touches someone's memory.

Encounters that will never cross again.They accumulate in her mind as a kind of dazzling light. In order to collect the light, Mizukai continues her journey.

The solitude and freedom of this journey, similar to an adventure. What we see in the headlights may be a relationship with all kinds of unknowns.


Keiko Mizukai
Born in Tokyo, Lives and works in Nagano Prefecture.
Mizukai has been working as a freelance photographer since 1998.
While sleeping in her VOLVO 240, she travels around Japan photographing the people and scenery she encounters.

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