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Cozue Takagi


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363 × 252 mm
56 pages
ISBN 978-4-903545-49-3
November 2009

MID and Ground are two separate volumes published simultaneously. The work contained in each of the two volumes is quite different but both point toward something dynamic and heady. In MID, the photographs seem to be the product of a trepidation, using the camera flash to step forward carefully in an otherwise pitch black environ. Therefore only the immediate vicinity comes into view at any moment, which in itself provides surprise and disorientation. Meanwhile, in the smaller Ground, a reddish gold vision of objects, creatures, and things presents a world seemingly ungrounded and free-falling through a matrix of textures and contours. The use of a ribbon to bind together the loose sheets also indicates fluidity and disorientation. Presenting two such distinct bodies at the same time points to the large trajectory of evolution Takagi seems to be on, moving through different modes of expression.

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