I work in a photo studio. After shooting commemorative photos,
I will ask the guests' permission to let me take their photos as my photographic works.
Sometimes, I ask people to let me take their photos, or I wait in a quiet place to take pictures of people who come there.
YOU, standing on the black stage in the sun.
Before I give any instructions to shoot, YOU have already put your eyes on the camera, or smile at me, or take off your social mask.
I, in about five to ten minutes, take 500 to 1000 consecutive shots.
Therefore the unexpected, unconscious expressions appear in the photos.
Unabashed expressions that can't be confirmed by the naked eye. Primitive and subtle movement of the body.

While shooting, selecting and printing, I think:
In the process of selecting YOU from the huge number of images produced via massive number of shooting,
The belief that the photos I want have already been captured dissolve in the subsequent selection process,
In the "the photos I want might have not been captured" state, I am also able to encounter the new YOU.
For everyone, the present self is perhaps not some absolute existence,
Or rather it is made up of numerous "self".
I overlay myself as some kind of layer onto YOU.
"You and me" emerges from the black-and-white image of diffusion and fusion.
It is a photo, which seems like some unknown existence that would not be able to meet twice in life.
"My Portrait" is like a sculpture born out of continuous shooting,
It's the cumulative love connection between you and me.

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