To create "DAWN", Yu Yamauchi lived on the summit of Mt. Fuji for almost five months straight--four years in a row. During this time, almost 600days, Yamauchi photographed the sunrise ("DAWN") from this point nearly 3000m above sea level. The results of this effort are often spectacular: at times the photographs almost seem to show an alien world, full of brilliant yellows, searing oranges, and radiant blues. But this book is not just about showing a beautiful scenery which is far removed from our daily lives. By reaching a point as far away from the earth--and as close to outer space--as possible, Yamauchi asks the viewer to consider their own existence.

This special edition, published 12 years after the first edition and 10 years after the new edition, is now larger (H420 mm x W295 mm) . It gives us the impression of an expansive picture book of the universe.


"I lived in a hut near the summit of Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, for five months straight, four years in a row, for a total of 600 days.
Each morning, I photographed the dawn from the same spot, chasing the ever-changing drama that unfolded before my eyes.
Ten thousand feet above sea level, this place is literally above the clouds, far from the ground where most of us live our daily lives.
It is also the threshold between Earth and outer space.
Being there reminds me of the simple fact that we live on a planet within an infinite universe.
Constantly shifting, the clouds look like a membrane encapsulating the Earth.
When the Sun rises behind a cloud-forming horizon, the world that was painted in blue just a moment before suddenly looks completely different.
I witnessed this magical transformation many times.
Intensely red and increasingly bright, the Sun soon radiates dazzling lights.
Everything starts to move where its rays reach: The air warms, the wind shifts, the clouds transform and the songs of birds are vaguely heard underneath.
Tam dearlv awakened and so is the space around me.
At such a moment I wonder, What is light? Is it an energy manifested by love?
Perhaps it is all about a breath of the universe, far beyond our life and death- or even the rotation of the Earth.
No matter how complicated society gets or how fast times change, we are a part of a vast unknown terrain that creates this rhythm.
Thinking this way, it seems to me that our existence itself is also a vast unknown terrain.
For me, this work offers a simple reminder: We are resent in the here and now." - Yu YAMAUCHI


Yu Yamauchi
1977 born in Japan.
Start taking a photograph on your own since 14 yaers old.
2010, Autumn "DAWN" was released.(From AKAAKA)
2014, Summer "A man Living above the clouds" was released.(From Seizansya)
2020, Summer "PLANET" was released.(From SEIGENSHA)

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