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295 × 225 mm
96 pages
ISBN 978-4-903545-64-6
September 2010

To create "Yoake," Yu Yamauchi lived on the summit of Mt. Fuji for almost five months straight--four years in a row. During this time, almost two and a half years, Yamauchi photographed the sunrise ("Yoake") from this point nearly 3000m above sea level. The results of this effort are often spectacular: at times the photographs almost seem to show an alien world, full of brilliant yellows, searing oranges, and radiant blues. But this book is not just about showing a beautiful scenery which is far removed from our daily lives. By reaching a point as far away from the earth--and as close to outer space--as possible, Yamauchi asks the viewer to consider the fragility of their own existence. The unique printing of the book features a dust jacket which folds out into a full-size poster.

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